Chinatsu Seya
Artist Statement

In my work I observe people and their personal culture within scenes of their daily lives. I depict personal moments as graphical archive.
Currently I am focused on a series of a large-scale portraits drawn in Sumi
ink. I express my subject’s character by magnifying characteristics and lines, overemphasizing textures and tones without adding any destructive color. I use calligraphy pen in order to insure the versatility to at once create fine lines, gently developing tones, and rich textures as well as the heavier gestural strokes which build spatial dimension.
I am obsessed with capturing fine and delicate features such as textures of human hair, reflections in eyeglasses, or wrinkles upon fabric. As I draw, each subsequent element of my subject recedes into an imaginary geographical world within my mind’s eye to be examined and then reconceived. The drawing allows me to fully explore the character of the subject through the expression of dynamic details and textures.

Chinatsu Seya